Your Mindset Really Does Determine Your Financial Future


This first post has been a long time coming. I spent hours and hours researching for my blog because I want it to be a place where people can truly begin the journey of peace within their financial lives. I love being able to use my personal experience as well as what I have learned from others to be able to help make the world a financial literate place.

With that said, I would be amiss if I didn’t start this blog mentioning the most important aspect I found with success in any part of life whether it be financial, relationships, career or family. The MINDSET. We all heard that one phrase “your attitude determines your altitude” or a variation of it at least once in our lives right? Well if you blew it off as nothing more than a parent trying to make their point for the 100,000th time, then you might want to take a deeper look into the meaning of the phrase and how it really applies to pretty much all aspects of your life.

From a personal finance point of view, your mindset is everything! It’s important to remain positive even in the worst financial blunders as it could mean the difference between making a decision to worsen the situation or completely relieving yourself of it. Hey, I’m not saying “abbra cadabra” and your mind makes you have the $150 you need for your car repairs in the blink of an eye, but with a positive attitude you’re more likely to come up with better solutions you can actually live with later versus taking out a personal loan with exorbitant interests rates that will take your a year to finish paying.

I realize that changing your mindset to remain positive even during difficult times can be challenging as even I have a hard time keeping a poker face sometimes. However, when you do have your moments, it s important to make your way back to the land of positivity as soon as possible. You ever notice the domino effect? Where you start your day off stubbing your toe out of bed and the day is crappy from that point on? Or on the opposite end where a perfect stranger’s generosity makes your entire day. Well it works for your financial life too!

Three tips I learned that has helped me keep positive during tough times:

  1. Have an end goal and keep it in mind- Whenever I get discouraged after blowing through my weekly budget because of that impulse pair of shoes I HAD to have, I remember how hard I’ve been working for the purchase of my first home. I keep that goal in mind for the following week and update my budget for success next time.
  2. Be thankful for what you already have-  This is kind of self- explanatory but if you dont already, try having an attitude of gratitude. It can take you a long way. The more thankful you are for what you have, the less chances there are for you to complain and think about what you dont have. You will eventually find that just saying “thank you” will give you more peace than you thought you could have.
  3. Look for the lesson- Sometimes 1&2 might not be an option for your situation. If it was bad, what did you learn? Learning is sometimes the catalyst for a better outcome later. Try finding the lesson in your setback to regain focus.

Keep your mind positive and your financial decisions and life will surely follow!


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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Personal Finance!

As the title suggests, this blog will be devoted to the 20 and 30 somethings who wish to live a fabulous financial life. Whether it means traveling the world like a jetsetter on a small budget or finally achieving that dream credit score to purchase your first home, this is the place to make financial dreams a fabulous reality! There will be tips and tricks to achieve everything you wish to achieve in your personal financial life.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Fabulous Life!

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